A Dramatic Tour of Events - Select Board Mixes, Autographed Vinyl

A Dramatic Tour of Events - Select Board Mixes, Autographed Vinyl

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Dream Theater’s second release in the highly anticipated 'Lost Not Forgotten Archives' series, is a collection of select board mixes taken during the band’s ‘A Dramatic Tour of Events’ in 2011 and 2012.  This release features a curated selection of some of the most outstanding performances from that tour, compiled into one archival release.  

Originally only available via digital download as a special fan club holiday release, this autographed limited edition is now available for the first time on vinyl, and limited to just 250 copies.

Under A Glass Moon (Phoenix, AZ 12/4/11)
Forsaken (London, UK 7/24/11)
Peruvian Skies (London, UK 7/24/11)
Endless Sacrifice (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
Drum Solo (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
YtseJam (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
The Great Debate (London, UK 7/24/11)
Another Day (Austin, TX 7/7/12)
Through My Words/Fatal Tragedy (Montreal, QC 10/7/11)
To Live Forever (Huntington, NY 7/19/12)
Learning To Live (Tel Aviv, Israel 7/19/11)
The Count of Tuscany (London, UK 7/24/11)
As I Am (Shibuya, Japan 4/24/12)

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